Our principal objective

Help you optimize your business and generate new sources of revenue.


mSensis is a software developer and solutions provider founded in 2007. Company’s successful services portfolio has helped us build, until now an extensive worldwide customer base. Having a strong international presence means meeting all challenges by providing a 24×7 quality service and delivering the desirable results to our customers.


mSensis’ flexible technology assists customers increase their competitiveness and market share, maintaining at the same time their loyalty and cost efficiency. Smart and agile solutions respond to the needs of a wide range of industries: Telco, Media, Financial Industry and Public Sector. Company’s approach and industry-specific expertise is the groundwork of long-term relationships. Customers trust mSensis, because its solutions as a whole are based on a 100% flexible and modular state-of-the-art technology, proving that we are fast movers in quickly adapting to every market’s rapid changes.

Why work with mSensis?

mSensis is a valuable partner, committed to improving its customers’ performance by optimizing their services portfolio and keeping real-time control of business.

Values & Philosophy

Incessant improvement / Social Responsibility / Respect for customers, shareholders and employees / Care for environment, health and safety / Code of Ethics, Corporate Governance / ISO Certification.

Our Vision

The worldwide expansion of our market through cutting-edge technology solutions. Becoming a powerful, competitive, profitable and internationally recognized company which will be able to offer a complete range of solutions and high quality services to its customers, and at the same time preserve and protect the environment.

Our People

Our diverse and highly skilled global workforce is constantly improving and conforming itself to new technologies.

The Company

mSensis S.A. – Athens


110, Pentelis Str., Maroussi GR-15126, Athens, Greece


+30 210 6100980


+30 210 6199870

mSensis S.A. – Thessaloniki


VEPE Technopolis, Bld C2, B.O. BOX 60755 GR-57001, Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece


+30 2310 365145-148


+30 2310 365149

mSensis S.A. – Italy


9, Piazza Eugenio Biffi, Sc.A int 34, 00154, Rome, Italy


+39 06 6452 1400