Our Research Projects



The Future of Instant Messaging
A highly innovative and market disruptive communication system that will enable App Developers and Telcos to launch high quality and with global reach, core communications services in-app and/or in-network (messaging, voice, file sharing, email, etc.) at a low cost, faster time and with minimal resources than any other alternative.


Life For Low Vision (L4LV) is an integrated knowledge system developed to: Assist and improve the quality of life of people with communication problems due to LV. L4LV can be an essential support in the daily lives of people with LV, upgrading their quality of life and generally facilitating their access to education, work and social life. Detect early signs of the disease and timely seeking medical help / support.



Secure Digital Identification
The objective of E-Identity is the design, development and implementation of an innovative interactive software for the secure and automated digital registration of users in services through multi-level authentication using biometric standards and advanced technologies for reading and authenticating evidentiary documents, while taking into account all the modern guidelines regarding the protection of users’ personal data.


Prediction and protection system of fruit crops from frost damage
Life-FrostDefend (FD) aims to design, develop and demonstrate the benefits of a novel monitoring and frost forecasting tool to mitigate frost injury in high yield agriculture crops.



AirSensis is a low-cost air quality monitoring system. It sends its data approximately every minute via a network connection to a server database.