Data Management Solutions

Msensis represents posit, the leading global firm in data management services and tools, offering local support, application installations and training services for companies in Greece.

Posit selected mSensis to capitalize on its large systems integration experience and the large accounts’ technical and operational support, to offer the best solution for Data Storage, Processing, Analysis, visualization, and reporting.

Posit Enterprise Package consists of 3 major software applications:

Workbench is the premier data analysis and integrated development experience for professional R users and data science teams who use R and Python. Workbench enables the collaboration, centralized management, metrics, security, and commercial support that professional data science teams need to operate at scale. It allows users to analyze data and create data products using R or Python in the RStudio IDE, Jupyter Notebooks, JupyterLab, or VS Code. Key Features:

  • Connect to Your Data – Explore your databases and develop and deploy Shiny applications that depend on databases using ODBC data connectors from Posit, moving computation close to the data
  • Session Management – Use multiple versions of R and run multiple concurrent R and Python sessions
  • Collaboration – Share and collaborate on your projects with other users on the server.
  • Jupyter and VS Code – Author and edit your Python code with Jupyter or VS Code using the same scalable Posit Server infrastructure

Connect is a publishing platform for the work your teams create in R and Python. Share Shiny apps, R Markdown reports, Plumber or Flask APIs, Dash or Streamlit apps, Jupyter Notebooks, and more in one convenient place. Use push-button publishing from the RStudio IDE, scheduled execution of reports, and flexible security policies to bring the power of data science to your entire enterprise. Key Features:

  • A Place for Python – Share Flask APIs and interactive applications (including Dash, Bokeh, and Streamlit) on a platform made for multilingual teams.
  • Pin Data and Models – Stop copying files between projects, easily share data and schedule model updates.
  • Custom Emails – Make beautiful emails from code, include plots and results, and send important notifications with custom triggers.
  • Deploy with Git – Setup a Git integration in seconds, and automatically publish when you commit.

Package Manager is a repository management server to organize and centralize packages across your team, department, or entire organization. Get offline access to CRAN, PyPI, and Bioconductor, share local packages, restrict package access, find packages across repositories, and more. Experience reliable and consistent package management, optimized for data science. Key Features:

  • Faster Installs with Binaries – Don’t interrupt your work. Your packages will now install much, much faster
  • Time Travel – Avoid broken packages by navigating checkpoints, so code that used to work always will.
  • Bioconductor Support – The easiest way to reproduce life science research, even in regulated environments
  • PyPI Beta Support – Stop manually supporting a PyPI mirror, get full documentation, automatic syncs, and historic snapshots.