Natural Language bot: Deepbot


mSensis started in 2014 to develop an intelligent bot, DEEPBOT, with Natural language generation that allows computers to respond to people in their own language.

More than 500 man-months used from a team of 8 developers and machine learning scientists.

Deepbot unique characteristics are:

Multilanguage support

module that supports different languages
i. New languages can be easily added in a short period (less than 2 months). Slung and special dialects/variations are also supported.
ii. Different languages can be identified in the same sentence and also the bot can change the answer language based on the last question language.

Paragraph Reading:

Deepbot can identify the message also from a long sentence, many sentences or paragraphs, providing different flexibility in the input text

Word order & spelling:

Deepbot understand sentences even if the words are misspelled and in wrong order in terms of grammar