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Tellody - Digital Campaign Management

Tellody is an intriguing, feature packed & easy to use marketing & loyalty tool that helps business increase profitability by attracting New Customers and focusing in Customer Retention

The available packages for Tellody - Digital Campaign Management

Digital Campaign ManagementDuration (months)Product CategoriesTotal cost before VATBuy
Digital Campaign Management - Basic361000 contacts1000Buy
Digital Campaign Management - Advanced362000 contacts2000Buy
Digital Campaign Management - Premium3610000 contacts4000Buy
Digital Campaign Management - Enterprise3620000 contacts6000Buy

Small business by using Tellody they can:

Attract new customers

Promote new products and services

Get feedback with surveys and polls

Create an Opt-in customer base GDPR compliant

Communicate Special Events

Understand customer behavior with detailed analytics

Use the strength of their Social Media

Create a loyalty program, reward their customers

Tellody - Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a constant preference a customer shows to a specific brand against competitor’s brand. To put in in another words, customer loyalty is a customer’s willingness to buy from you and not your competitor.

Customer loyalty program is the strategy that a brand follows in order to reward loyal customers. It might sound obvious but it is not. Great customer service and amazing products are paramount for your company’s success, but in most of the cases are not enough.

The available packages for Tellody - Customer Loyalty

Costumer LoyaltyDuration (months)Product CategoriesTotal cost before VATBuy
Customer Loyalty - Basic
121000 contacts1000Buy
Customer Loyalty - Advanced
242000 contacts2000Buy
Customer Loyalty - Premium
245000 contacts4000Buy
Customer Loyalty - Enterprise 10K
3610000 contacts6000Buy
Customer Loyalty - Enterprise 20K
3620000 contacts10000Buy
Customer Loyalty - Enterprise 30K
3630000 contacts12000Buy
Customer Loyalty - Enterprise 50K
3650000 contacts15000Buy
Customer Loyalty - Enterprise 80K
3680000 contacts20000Buy

Appointment Q-edis - VouEasy

Allow your customers to schedule appointments at a time slot that is convenient for them and tailored to your business.

Accepting online bookings
Notifications via SMS/Email
Integration & API

A fully digital Queue Management System

Q-edis is a cloud-based service. It is affordable, easily upgradeable, flexible and easy to install. It offers all the traditional elements of a seamless queuing experience: queue status notifications on TV, self-check-in kiosks and an attendant dashboard.

Self-service check-in
Automated visitor flows
Choice of notification channels (web, SMS, etc.)

The online appointment system and queue management system for only 1008 Euros (excluding VAT) per appointment category in a 36 month package

FAQs for the SME Digital Tools program

Which businesses can be supported by the program?

Existing private Enterprises that carry out economic activity, and for which the following conditions are cumulatively met, among others:

  1. They have their headquarters or a branch in the Greek Territory with a Greek VAT number.
  2. They are active on the date of submission of the Program Funding application.
  3. They were founded/incorporated before 01.01.2022.
  4. They constitute a legal entity (Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership or Limited Partnership, I.K.E, Sole Proprietorship, Social Cooperative Enterprise, Cooperative) or Sole Proprietorship and keep simple or double-copy books.

What category does my business belong to?

Beneficiaries of the Program are included in the following distinct categories and subcategories based on employment (dependent work):

Category Annual Work Units
1 0,01ΕΜΕ < μ ≤ 10 ΕΜΕ
2 10ΕΜΕ < μ ≤ 25 ΕΜΕ
3 25ΕΜΕ < μ ≤ 40 ΕΜΕ
4 40ΕΜΕ < μ ≤ 250 ΕΜΕ

To confirm compliance with the eligibility criteria, please consult section 2.3 of the Invitation.

How can I get a voucher?

If your business meets the conditions (See Section 2.1 of the Call ), from Wednesday 22 June 2022 until Wednesday 14 September 2022 you need to go to the page, using your company’s Taxinet login details and apply for the voucher. You will be notified electronically of the outcome of your request after September 14, 2022.

If my business is a beneficiary and I have the voucher, until when can I redeem it?

If your business belongs to Category 1, you can buy digital products and services up to Wednesday, November 30, 2022. If your business belongs to Categories 2, 3 and 4 you can buy digital products and services until Friday 31 March 2023.