mSensis S.A., VAT no: 998280247, announces to its customers and partners the change of its postal address.

The new company premises are located at 110 Pentelis Str.,GR-15126 Maroussi, Greece, tel: +30 210 6100980, fax: +30 210 6199870.

In parallel, mSensis is pleased to announce that it has proceeded to a complete change of its brand, in order to renew its image and focus its promotional material with greater clarity on our key characteristics and values.

The new logo of the company highlights the contemporary brand image, while still expresses clearly our key features:

Professionalism, Expertise, Innovation, Development

If you intend to use mSensis’ material or intend to produce content including a reference to mSensis, then please contact us to request the guidelines and the related information on the use of the mSensis’ name and brand identity.

Please find the new corporate logo below:

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Contact Information:

mSensis S.A.

Athens: 110 Pentelis Str.,GR-15126, Maroussi, Greece, tel: +30 210 6100980, fax: +30 210 6199870.

Thessaloniki: V.E.P.E. Technopolis Thessaloniki- Bld. C2, P.O. Box 60756, Thermi, GR-57001 Thessaloniki, Greece, tel: +30 2310 365 145-146, fax: +30 2310 365 149. |

About mSensis: mSensis S.A., founded in 2007, is a European system integrator serving a growing base of leading Service Providers, Financial Institutions, large enterprises and the Public Sector.

The company is a software and systems provider, focusing on next generation technologies. Its upper level business know-how and expertise, manages to deliver diversified services, providing its customers with high quality solutions. The portfolio is based upon a proven track record, business intelligence and innovative, multipurpose communication platform.

Our platform’s success relies on the flexibility it offers to our customers to design, plan, manage and optimize state-of-the-art services. Its wide range of mobile solutions: mMarketing, mCare, mFinancials, mMessaging, mNetworking and mAnalytics, enables the effective implementation of business ideas and the adoption of marketing initiatives.


Yours Sincerely,

George Sarigiannidis