mSensis Société Anonyme of Applied Technologies, is pleased to announce that at the 440th/31.10.2014 Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Information Society S.A., the business plan-proposal entitled “Funzy Mobile Share Application” was approved upon a request with e-code “ICT-00670”, under the action of National Strategic Reference Framework of the Operational Programme “Digital Convergence” of Information Society S.A. “Business Support for the Implementation of Investment Projects for the development-provision of innovative products and value-added services” (ICT4GROWTH).

More specifically, the above mentioned investment plan concerns the research, development and promotion of the innovative service “Funzy Mobile Share”, an instant messaging platform with multimedia support, which has the ability to connect with all popular social networks.

The project will be accomplished through the advanced technological infrastructure that mSensis S.A. owns. In the cradle of evolution and new technologies, at VEPE Technopolis Thessaloniki, the first high-tech business park in Greece, where our highly qualified research workforce develops and implements modern ideas in the field of Information Technology.

The budget assured amounts to 699.530,73€, while the total approved public expenditure is 365.866,07€. The commencement date of the investment’s implementation is considered the 02.09.2013, while the investment will be completed by the 02.03.2015.