Under the implementation of the “Life4LV” project and the mSensis’ collaboration with the Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology of A.U.Th., the Department of Medicine of the A.U.Th. and the Laboratory of Experimental Ophthalmology under the “Ahtida Fotos” program and the auspices of the Rector of the A.U.Th. and the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction (Macedonia – Thrace) successfully held an informative event entitled: “Ahtida Fotos – Ahtida Student: A window of life provided by the A.U.Th. to people with low vision”, which attracted large numbers of people and raised the awareness of the general public.

The event took place on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 at the Old Hall of Philosophy Ceremonies at 20.00 with keynote speaker the Professor of Ophthalmology Mr. Vassilios Karabatakis.

The goal of the “Ahtida Fotos” program is to assist low vision patients in carrying out communications and improve their level of living, as there is no way of improving their vision with any kind of treatment or surgery.